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April Brydges-Hopkin Award

April Brydges-Hopkin, a volunteer firefighter with Goulais Fire & Rescue, was killed October 20, 2002, in a vehicle crash. April was driving on Highway 17 en-route to the fire station to respond to a call when she collided with a SUV heading the other direction.

Rest in Peace



Dedicated to the Memory of April Brydges-Hopkin - Goulais Fire & Rescue Volunteer

Look for nominations from the community to award the "Volunteer of the Year Award".  This award is handed out during Goulais Community Day’s in July Nominations are received during the month of June and can be mailed,
phoned in or dropped off at local stores.

Previous Award Recipients:

2004 - Bonnie Dunn

2005 - Ross Cutmore

2006 - Blair Breckenridge

2007 - Paul Olar

2008 - Christa Wright

2009 - Theresa Smith

2010 - Martie McMillan

2011 - Dave Leveille

2012 - Glynn Rouse

2013 - Kelly Moskal

2014 - Jeff Bowen

2015 - Kelly L'Heureux

2016 - Randy Mattioli

2017 - Tammay Overland

2018 - Richard Breckenridge

2019 - Aaron Rooley

2020 - John McDonald

2022 -  Katie Wakeley   

2023 -  Hope Stadnisky 

In 2017 a new roadside memorial was erected for April.  A special thank you goes out to Andrew McLeish and Rector Machine Works for their contributions.

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