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Wood Heat Inspectors

Goulais Fire and Rescue does not provide wood stove or chimney inspections for insurance companies.  Wood burning appliances have several regulations that must be adhered to in order to be safe and to meet your insurance regulations.  In order to stay current with these regulations an inspector must maintain a certification such as W.E.T.T or similar. 


Goulais Fire & Rescue does not have inspectors with this qualification.  We do however offer this list of qualified inspectors that can provide this service.  

If you feel that your woodstove or chimney is unsafe, STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY and contact Goulais Fire & Rescue for a safety inspection, or one of these contractors.

Barlow Chimney Sweeps - 705-785-3504   (Bruce Mines)

Maury Wilson - Mookie's -  705-943-0153


Dan’s Chimney Cleaning & Repair - 705-759-8517

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