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What Do Green Flashing Lights Mean?

The purpose of flashing green lights is to help other drivers recognize a volunteer firefighter en-route to an emergency. If you see a vehicle displaying the flashing green light, please be courteous and yield the right-of-way.

On December 9, 1994 the Highway Traffic Act was amended to include a provision allowing volunteer firefighters to display a flashing green light on their personal or commercial vehicle when responding to emergencies. The use of flashing green lights on vehicles is restricted to the Ontario Fire Service. Firefighters using the flashing green light do not have any special privileges and cannot break any traffic laws.

The motoring public is asked to recognize that firefighters displaying flashing green lights are responding to an emergency and it would be appreciated if you could yield the right of way in order to speed their response. Volunteer firefighters are serving their local community... and who knows, they may be responding to assist one of your neighbours or even your own family.


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