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Q - Will Goulais Fire & Rescue fill my swimming pool or water tank?
A - No.  Due to liability concerns, G.F.R. does not fill any swimming pools or water tanks.

Q - How do I obtain an address for a new home or property?
A -  Goulais Fire & Rescue provides this service.  There is a fee for the sign, post and installation.  Please contact the fire hall directly at (705) 649 3039. 

Q - How do I become a member of Goulais Fire & Rescue?

A- Come to the Fire Hall any Wednesday night at 7p.m. to meet us and have a tour.  We will give you an application package and answer any questions that you might have. Please see our membership page for further details.

Q -  Do I need a burning permit and when can I burn grass, brush or have a campfire?
A - Goulais Fire & Rescue does not issue burning permits.  All residents and cottagers must follow the Ministry of Natural resources safe burning regulations.  Failure to do so can result in large fines and cost recovery for all firefighting expenses if your fire escapes.  Please be aware that every wild land fire is investigated by the M.N.R.  Refer to our safe burning guidelines for more information.

Q - Do you clean chimneys?
A - No.  We offer use of free chimney cleaning equipment through our Clean Sweep Program.  Feel free to borrow this equipment from one of the following locations.  Timberland General Store and The Village Trading Post.

Q - Can you provide a fire inspection for my wood stove or fireplace?
A - Goulais Fire & Rescue does not provide wood burning inspections for insurance companies or other agencies requests.  We can provide you with a list of W.E.T.T. certified inspectors that would be happy to assist you.  Check out our Fire & Life Safety page under Wood Heat Inspectors to view this list.  If you feel that your wood burning appliance maybe dangerous, stop using it, and contact Goulais Fire & Rescue for a safety inspection.

Q - My insurance company wants to know how far I live from your Fire Station, can you help?
A - Look under the Latest News & Events- Hall Distance to locations - to the left hand side of the website. We are currently working on a list of the distances to all our major roads.  We are working on the rest of the locations in the area. But at this time you can call the Fire Hall and we may be able to give you a close estimate from the raw data that we have already collected.  At this time your best choice is to drive from your property to the Fire Hall and measure it for yourself.

Q - Is Goulais Fire & Rescue a registered charity?
A- Yes we are a charitable organization and we issue receipts for income tax purposes.  We use any donations to purchase new equipment, which helps to keep taxes low.

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