Emergency Vehicles

Squad 5634
Squad 5634 is a 2005 Ford Expedition with a Nightscan Chief roof mounted spotlight.  It carries 4 responders, oxygen, defibrillator, first aid equipment and backboards.  5634 was built by Rowland Emergency Vehicles.



Engine 23
Supplied by the Province, through the Northern Fire Protection Program, is a 2020 Fort Garry Liberator pumper.  This truck is the main firefighting vehicle for the community. It carries hose, water, ladders and a variety of equipment.
Thank you to the Office of the Fire Marshal and the Ontario government for their ongoing commitment to fire safety in our community!


Tanker 24
Tanker 24 is a 2000 International 4900 with an automatic transmission, built by Almonte fire trucks.  It has a 2000 imperial gallon water tank with a 10 inch dump.  She has a 1050 gpm Hale fire pump, with Foam Master system. Tanker 24 carries a 2000 gallon portable tank, ground ladders, a portable pump, breathing apparatus and supply hose.

Rescue 25
Rescue 25 is a 2014 International Terra Star with a 18ft. walk in rescue / command body.  It carries S.C.B.A. a on board cascade system, generator, power and hand tools, air bags, water rescue equipment, and our firefighters bunker gear. Rescue 25 was custom built by Asphodel Fire Trucks.



Support 26
Support 26 is a 2007 Dodge Ram Quad cab pick-up truck. It is capable of pulling our trailer with either the  ATV and Equinox off road resuce trailer or the Ski-doo and rescue sleigh in the winter months.  It is also used for travel and training as required.



Ranger 22
2020 Polaris Ranger 1000 Northstar Edition. Equipped with emergency lights, heat, air conditioning and GPS, it can carry 6 passengers. We also have a Medlite trans-patient carrier installed in the box.

Ranger (002).jpg