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Grill Safely This BBQ Season

With the barbecue season already underway across most of Ontario,  Goulais Fire & Rescue recommends taking a few safety precautions before grilling that first outdoor meal of the year.  

Barbecuing is one of the great pleasures of summer and the fire service wants to make sure everyone enjoys the season safely. Before you fire it up for this first time this year, check and clean your propane barbecue following the manufacturer’s instructions.  

To get your barbecue ready for grilling season, the Technical Standards and Safety Authority recommends making this three-step safety check part of your spring cleaning routine:  

  1. CLEAN: use a pipe cleaner or wire to make sure the burner ports are free of rust, dust, dirt, spider webs or other debris.  

  2. CHECK: examine the hose leading from the fuel supply to the burners. Replace if cracked or damaged.  

  3. TEST: find leaks by applying a 50/50 solution of water and dish soap to all fuel and hose connections. If bubbles appear, tighten the connections and/or replace the damaged parts and always re-test.  


Remember that barbecues are for outdoor use only. If used in an enclosed space, carbon monoxide – an odourless, colourless, poisonous gas – will gather and reach dangerous exposure levels, which can lead to serious health effects, or even death. 

For more information and safety tips about propane barbecues, visit the Technical Standards and Safety Authority website:

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