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Current Members

Emergency Services Officers:

Kris Rooley - Fire Chief
Adam McMaster - Deputy Chief

Scott Neureuther - Captain 

Kevin Brooks - Captain
Brandon Smith - Captain       

Robbie Majoros- Captain

Firefighters / First Responders:

Bowen Oliver

Brendan Callegari

Brett Warmington

Caleb Ronka

Daniel MacPhail

Jennifer Pearson-Neureuther

Joseph Lasook

Patrick Beaulieu

Ryley Andreychuk

Stephen Miller

Michael O'Brian

Jaxon Aquilina

Corey Grant

Carl Rivers

Bradley Radbourne

Bobby Bye

Andrew McLiesh

Office Administrator & Fire Prevention Coordinator

Special Events Coordinators:

Theresa Smith

Janet Brydges
Theresa Smith

Board of Directors - 2023/24:

Jessica Majoros  - President
Jeff Bowen - Vic- President
Candance Ronka - Sec./Treas.

Kevin Brooks

Joseph Lasook

Janet Brydges

Stephen Miller

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